Jeremiah 8:1-17

Scripture: Jeremiah 8:1-17

“Then why do these people stay on their self-destructive path? Why do the people of Jerusalem refuse to turn back? They cling tightly to their lies and will not turn around. I listen to their conversations and don’t hear a word of truth” (Jeremiah 8:5-6a, NLT).


Sin is not compatible with truth. Only a religion of lies can pave the way for pursuit of greed, violence, and indifference to others (v.10). Although God’s truth was present through the Law, its message was rejected (v.9). Furthering the lie, the people and their teachers twisted “having God’s word” (v.8) as a sign of God’s favor and promise of peace (v.11). Yet their greed showed that God’s word did not have them. They did not recognize their fallen, lost state (v.4). Although destruction was nearby, they charged further into sin (v.6). They ignored what even the animals knew (v.7)—only in following God’s plan is their safety and help. Soon they would experience the powerlessness of a religion of lies (v.2).


What lies am I clinging to, keeping me on a self-destructive path? What do I falsely point to as evidence that I’m okay when, in fact, I have chosen my way rather than God’s? When God hears my conversations, my prayers, does he hear truth? In what ways do I pursue greed? Am I willing to expose my true condition to God so that He can forgive, heal, and restore me? Or do I look for teachings and ideas which allow me to continue as I am? Do I pretend to be at peace when destruction is about to overtake me?


Father, forgive me for pursuing self-destructive paths. Release my clinging grip from the lies I have used to create distance between us. Draw me back to the Way, and bring the healing you desire to my spirit. Fill me with your Truth; drive out what is false. Let your Word dwell in me. May my conversations and my prayers reflect what is true. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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