Jeremiah 2:31-37

Scripture:   Jeremiah 2:31-37

“O my people, listen to the words of the Lord! Have I been like a desert to Israel? Have I been to them a land of darkness? Why then do my people say, ‘At last we are free from God! We don’t need him anymore!’” (Jeremiah 2:31, NLT).


God had redeemed, lead, protected, provided for, and forgiven his people for generations. He demonstrated his power to save through miraculous signs. Yet in Jeremiah’s message, God pours out his bewilderment that these same people would abandon him when they need him most. In fact, they don’t recognize their need of him and see their abandonment as freedom from the law of his love.


The two rhetorical questions, “Have I been like a desert to Israel? Have I been to them a land of darkness?”, deserve an emphatic, “No!” Fellowship with God is not a barren place bereft of life. Rather, that intimacy is the source of life and fruitfulness. God is a light to our own darkness; there is nothing hidden or obscure about his desire to love us, empower us, and lead us.


Father, Giver of Life, thank you that you are the light in the darkness. Teach me to walk in your path of light and life. Awaken me to my need of you. Forgive me when I am tempted to turn aside to the barrenness and darkness of worldly concerns. Keep me grounded in your love. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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